Tachikawa Delivery Health - Amateur Erotic and Cute Little Devil Temptation Bunny Girls

We are a delivery health service specializing in amateur girls carefully selected for their refinement and rarity, centered around Tachikawa and Fuchu areas. We only deliver women with dignity to create a soothing and sophisticated adult atmosphere for our customers.
Our clear and straightforward accounting system charges 13,000 yen for 60 minutes. Our female staff undergoes thorough etiquette training to ensure that they provide a memorable experience to our customers, and we accept various credit cards as payment.

Our Female Staff:
Many third-rate shops with overpriced services exist, but our shop only employs women who are worth the price. You will never meet a low-quality woman who makes you think "This is not what I expected" when you actually meet her. You can see this for yourself by looking at our panel and checking out our daily photo diary.


Membership fee
Every another 30MIN
Panel appointment
Regular appointment


Hotels around Tachikawa Station (business hotels, love hotels, rental rooms)
¥2,000 area
Tachikawa City, Kokubunji City, Kunitachi City, Akishima City, Fuchu City, Hino City
¥3,000 area
Kodaira City, Higashiyamato City, Musashimurayama City, Koganei City, Fussa City, Hachioji City (part), Tama City, Higashimurayama City
¥4,000 area
Hachioji City (part), Hamura City, Inagi City, Akiruno City, Mitaka City, Chofu City, Nishi-Tokyo City


To provide better service while ensuring the safety and comfort of our female staff, please comply with the following prohibitions:

Use by individuals under 18 years of age or high school students
Sexual acts, requests for sexual acts, or related acts
Sexual acts are strictly prohibited at our shop.
Please refrain from making sexual requests to our female staff, even as a joke.
Excessive service requests not included in our service menu or acts that women dislike (or find painful)
Eavesdropping or voyeurism
If discovered, we will report it to the police as a criminal act.
Please also be aware that filming with a camera-equipped mobile phone is prohibited.
Poaching of female staff or use by industry colleagues
Dates outside the shop
Use by members of organized crime groups or their affiliates
Use by individuals under the influence of drugs (cannabis, stimulants, thinner, etc.)
Use by individuals in a state of drunkenness
Use by individuals infected with sexually transmitted diseases or other communicable diseases
This also applies to those who refuse to take a shower (full body and local cleaning) or gargle before play.
Use when there are other people present besides the client
Regardless of whether it is at home or in a hotel, we do not allow it.
Use by individuals who staff has deemed "unsuitable"
In the event of abusive language or violence towards our staff or female staff.
In the event of behavior that our female staff finds objectionable.
If any of the above apply, please refrain from using our shop.
If any of the above are discovered during the service, we will immediately suspend it.
Please note that we do not refund any usage fees in such cases.
Moreover, we will also refrain from any further use of our shop, and will cancel your membership.
We operate on a "complete advance payment system."
Additionally, cancellations, changes, time reductions, and refunds after course selection are not accepted.
If the shop deems it necessary, we will accompany you to the local police station with proof of identity.
Please be aware of this in advance.
By calling our shop and making a request, you are agreeing to and understanding the above conditions.
In the event of malicious conduct or behavior deemed unacceptable by our shop, we will report it as a criminal act to the local police station and ask for your cooperation.
If we discover voyeurism with a video camera or if our female staff requires treatment due to rough behavior or language, you will be responsible for compensation of up to 500,000 yen plus additional compensation for the time the female staff is unable to work.
If you solicit our companions to work for you, we will demand compensation of 2 million yen.
Please comply with these terms and continue to use our shop for a long time, thank you."